Pharmacovigilance Solutions . . .Dr John Marr MB BS MSc FRSM

Offering a wide spectrum of pharmacovigilance services,from early phase to Global pharma, we are able to support your company to advance medical care. With special expertise in start-up companies and medical advisor support in early Phase I/II clinical trials, I can enter your program at any stage and am skilled at understanding paterns of adverse events, and presenting these with balance in your program.
As a medical expert to the team, I provide input to the management of safety signals, risk management and benefit-risk assessments for assigned products.
I take responsibility for the conduct of safety monitoring, and provide accountable input for all product-related safety decisions.

Applicable tasks vary for each company, but I am able to take responsibility for:
The planning, preparation, writing and review of safety and efficacy sections of aggregate reports
Organization and direct liaison activities with affiliates and other partners
Supporting and providing oversight to safety in clinical trials to review and provide input on protocol synopses, protocols, safety content for filing, and critical review of safety tables, figures and listings from clinical studies
Supporting activities related to new drug applications and other regulatory filings
Signal detection, evaluation, and management
Author Safety Assessment Reports and other safety documents and regulatory responses
Prepare presentations to senior management with recommendations on safety issues
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