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Exile - A Poetry Magazine For New Poets

We are all exiles in a crowd, whose minds contain our thoughts and hopes, our dreams and memories.

Exile was founded in 1988 in the North East of England by Ann Elliott and John Marr. It was born from the frustration of poets in the North East of England, who were often writing alone, or for mutual readings, but who lacked an outlet for their work. Following many migrations, Exile has now settled in Suffolk.

Poetry is within us all. Most people enjoy reading verse, and poetry covers the gamet from light and childlike to bleak and scary; from Ayres to Auden, from Bellok to Browning, from Dahl to Dillon.

But beside reading poetry, at sometime in their life many people have an instinct, often born in crisis or frustration, to set their thoughts to words. The poem is an ideal vehicle for this: it is brief, punchy, succinct; its compact style forces thought to toe the line; its structure and rythme suggest words which well from the subconcious. In brief, the poem becomes a thought; a thought may be a poem, waiting for expression. The circle is complete.

Exile is a UK-based poetry magazine, whose aim is to encourage new poets and new poetry, to share our experience of Exile.

For further information, contact: Ann Elliott Editor or write to Exile, Hundon, CO10 8HD